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Regular Lawn Mowing

Why should I get a regular lawn mowing service?

The distant hum of a lawn mower is the beckoning call for most people’s weekends. The smell of freshly cut grass mixed with fuel, the siren of birds and the seeping warmth of the morning sun means that its time to tidy the garden. Most people know that completion of this task will ultimately lead to a cold beer and relaxation waited for all week. And though mowing your lawn every Saturday or Sunday morning can seem monotonous and dull, there are benefits of regular lawn maintenance that you are benefitting from.

Conscientious monthly mowing means that you are creating less work for yourself long-term. Rather than leaving the lawn maintenance for another time or when you can be bothered, getting the mowing done frequently leads to quicker mowing times and healthier lawns. Procrastinating your lawn maintenance will result in exhausting and expensive visits to Bunnings and frustration at trying to revive the root system of your lawn.

If you’ve ever mowed your lawn and found that it’s brown underneath, that means that the undergrowth has started to die from lack of exposure to the sun. Regular mowing means that there is an even distribution of nutrients to the blades of grass, as well as the undergrowth and root system, ensuring that the regrowth is at optimal levels.

Another benefit of monthly mowing is that there is less lawn to mow, meaning that you have less offcuts to dispose of as well as faster mowing times.

Lastly, a big benefit of regular mowing is that it encourages lateral growth, which means that your lawn will thicken and be must softer to walk or play on.

Some people wish that they had the time to invest in their lawns, but simply cannot make it work. Fortunately, this is when you can call in the experts. Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening can service and care for your lawn, ensuring that it thrives and maintains a wonderful aesthetic for your property. Call Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening on 0800 785 434 and schedule your monthly mow today.

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