Hedge Trimming & Pruning

Hedges are a beautiful feature to any garden. These living walls reinforce your homes architecture, add character and can disguise externally deteriorating walls or fences. They add colour and interest to your landscaping; being one of the most versatile garden features a home can include. Although hedges take time and maintenance in comparison to build fences/walls; their serene atmosphere is incomparable and well worth every effort.

As all shrubs, hedges too need regular feeding, watering and pruning to maintain their healthy foliage.
Some of our gardeners are trained in the art of Topiary. Typically training evergreen trees and shrubs into incredible garden sculptures. Hugely popular in European Countries and becoming more common in New Zealand, hedging and Topiaries versatility is completely transforming our gardens; whether a dinosaur or a simple box ball you’ll find these additions atheistically pleasing.

Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening specialise in creating your dream living architecture. In order for your garden to stay an art form regular maintenance is recommended. We work with our clients to organise a suited routine service keeping your hedges and topiary immaculate all year round.

Hedges / Tall Trees

hedges out the front of a house

Perhaps your home overlooks your neighbours, or is situated by a busy road? While small trees and hedges take time to grow to their full coverage, your invisible barrier will prove a sound improvement and buyers will recognise the investment.