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How do I get rid of lawn grubs?

Some people just have a knack for lawn maintenance, don’t they? Their gardens look like something hand-crafted by Don Burke himself. Lush green blades of untouched grass, nurtured to perfection and mowed like clockwork.

But then there are other lawns that seem determined to die. Crunchy brown strands that refuse to resemble a healthy lawn. You can water it, fertilise it, care for it, but sometimes there’s just nothing that can revive the lawn of a brown thumb. Maintaining a healthy yard is difficult enough in New Zealand’s rapidly shifting climate, then you add to that the challenge of pests and you’ve got a gardening nightmare.

One of the most challenging pests that New Zealanders face is lawn grubs. Most people aren’t even aware that lawn grubs are the perpetrators, because they’re so difficult to see. The biggest giveaway of lawn grub infestation are brown spots on your lawn, caused by the lawn grubs feeding on the turf’s root system. Other less known signs: increased moth and bird activity (moths lay the eggs and the birds eat them).

So what can you do about lawn grubs?
Regular insecticide treatment on your lawn will help avoid a lawn grub infestation, however you must be very careful when applying an insecticide as incorrect application can damage your grass.

Another avenue you could consider exploring is calling in the professionals. If you are struggling with maintaining a healthy lawn and are struggling with a suspected infestation, Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening are experts at diagnosing and treating all sorts of lawn ailments. From brown patches; sponge-like texture; a weakened root system; lawn grub infestation to weeds and hedge trimming, Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening will take care of you. Don’t wait until you’re spending hundreds at Bunnings and wasting weekends of your time to tackle those pesky lawn problems, call Pulse Lawn Mowing & Gardening on 0800 785 434 and get back your healthy lawn today.

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